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Many Stories, One World

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a joint press conference in Netanyahu's office on Jan. 31 in Jerusalem, Israel. Merkel called for a stop to the settlement building, sighting the events in Egypt as a highlight for the importance of furthering the diplomatic process. Uriel Sinai/Getty hide caption

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Uriel Sinai/Getty

A horseman falls from a horse, after being gored by a bull during the 2007 Corralejas Bull Festival in Sincelejo, Colombia. William Fernando Martinez/AP hide caption

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William Fernando Martinez/AP

An image grab taken from Egyptian state television shows Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak (left) speaking with his new Vice President Omar Suleiman (center) and Chief of Staff Sami Anan during a visit to the military operations center in Cairo on Sunday. AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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AFP/Getty Images

Mohammed ElBaradei, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and former chief of the IAEA, is seen here at a meeting marking the first year of his campaign to press for changes within Egyptian politics, in Cairo, Sept. 6, 2010. ElBaradei brought together a coalition of young activists and opposition groups to mark his first year in Egyptian politics. Amr Nabil/AP hide caption

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Amr Nabil/AP