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Sturgeon fisherman Bill Ford has filled Ceapa's boat, "Sturgeon Queen," with his morning's catch: a few gillnets full of wild, six- to eight-foot long Atlantic sturgeon from the St. John River. Courtesy of Cornel Ceapa hide caption

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Courtesy of Cornel Ceapa

The Royal restaurant serves cheese arepas in Washington, D.C. As Venezuelans flee their troubled country, they bring with them a taste for the popular cornmeal cakes. Joy Asico/Courtesy of The Royal hide caption

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Joy Asico/Courtesy of The Royal

"It's not just about making one German astronaut happy with fresh bread," Marcu explains. "There's really a deeper meaning to bread in space." Above, a photo illustration of bread in space. NASA/ Bake in Space GmbH hide caption

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NASA/ Bake in Space GmbH

Louisville Paper Apologizes For Each Of Its Hot Dog Mistakes

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Hamilton-inspired cupcake toppers. It was only a matter of time before fans of the Broadway hit sought out culinary tributes to their most treasured folk hero. Courtesy of Alexis Murphy hide caption

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Courtesy of Alexis Murphy