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Scottish master butcher Neil Watt and his haggis. Martin Cleaver/AP File hide caption

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Martin Cleaver/AP File

U.S. Haggis Lovers' Hopes Dashed

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Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano (L) testifies during a Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Hearing. Ann Heisenfelt/Getty Images hide caption

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Ann Heisenfelt/Getty Images

A farmer displays two corncobs from bioengineered seed (right) and two non-GMO corncobs seized with vermin. Sven Kaestner/AP hide caption

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Sven Kaestner/AP

Sea cucumber with swan goose meat. Xiao Kaijing for NPR hide caption

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Xiao Kaijing for NPR

The markets of Aleppo brim with fresh vegetables and spices. Deborah Amos/NPR hide caption

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Deborah Amos/NPR

After the morning milking, the cows head out to graze on the 146-acre farm. Kathleen Masterson/NPR hide caption

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Kathleen Masterson/NPR