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Rather than exploring what matters from the top down, the NPR Network gives everyone a voice. We’re a network of over 200 local newsrooms, bringing all Americans closer through journalism, music, politics, and culture. Our local-national-global blend fully immerses you in your world, so you can understand it better.

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Our network of journalists, embedded in communities across the nation, deliver breaking news, expertise, and stories that you can’t find anywhere else.
Breaking News

When major news breaks in a community, local Member station reporters can be the first on the scene.

NPR listeners across the country heard Texas Public Radio’s Brian Kirkpatrick describe the horrific scene at the Uvalde school where a shooter killed 19 children and two teachers. To deliver reliable information to Spanish speakers in the community over the following days, the station translated stories and posted them on its Noticias web page.


Whether it’s NPR’s Michele Kelemen at the State Department or Nashville Public Radio’s Blake Farmer on the health beat, NPR Network journalists bring deep knowledge and experience to help people make sense of their world.

Education reporters from Member stations in Indiana and Oregon teamed up with NPR’s Ed Desk to explore age-appropriate, comprehensive sex education in schools. And NPR’s Climate Desk reporter Rebecca Hersher explained the relationship between hurricanes and climate change.

Untold Stories

From ambitious investigations to moments of joy, the NPR Network delivers stories you won’t find anywhere else. We share overlooked perspectives and lift up voices that must be heard. 

Extreme heat is claiming the lives of U.S. agriculture and construction workers with greater frequency. An investigation by NPR and Member stations examined the lack of federal rules to protect them. And the Gulf States Newsroom probed the challenges Cameroonian asylum seekers face in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Cultural Discovery

If you want to meet a first-time novelist, catch a new music artist or preview the best TV shows to stream, the NPR Network does that too. We serve up arts, entertainment, science, technology and more to keep you abreast of the nation’s zeitgeist.

Our offerings include NPR’s legendary Tiny Desk concerts, Books We Love, Code Switch conversations about race and the Short Wave science podcast, along with World Cafe from WXPN, Fresh Air from WHYY and lots of can’t-miss podcasts from across the NPR Network.