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NPR corrects significant errors in broadcast and online reports. Corrections of errors will be made in audio archives, written transcripts and on the website. To report an error, please use our corrections form.

All Things Considered

Doctors, Lawyers Team to Aid Children's Health

Corrected on December 10, 2004

The audio for this story implies that the Massachusetts State Health Insurance Agency paid for taxis to take children to doctor's appointments AND schools. In fact, local school districts covered transportation to their schools.
Morning Edition

Middle East Voices

Corrected on December 1, 2004

Israeli teenager Sara Dansker's hometown Efrat was not identified as an Israeli settlement on West Bank territory, land occupied by the Israelis in the 1967 war.
Morning Edition

Republicans Back 'W' Ketchup

Corrected on November 1, 2004

The National Restaurant Association has not launched a "ketchup war," as Pippin Ross reported.
Morning Edition

IRS Cracks Down on Tax Shelters

Corrected on October 6, 2004

This report contains the statement that William Seippel is suing the Ernst and Young accounting firm. While Mr. Seipple is suing the bank and law firm that set up the shelter he used, he is not suing Ernst and Young.
Morning Edition

Mass. Town Weighs PC Revision of Its History

Corrected on September 29, 2004

This report incorrectly stated that most of the historic monuments in Deerfield, Mass., had been moved indoors. We also identified a woman who refused to give her name as a person of English descent -- she is actually of Native American ancestry.
Morning Edition

White House May Delist Protected Species

Corrected on September 27, 2004

This report should have identified the home of the Wildlife Science Center as Forest Lake, Minn.
All Things Considered

Haiti in Disarray of Looting after Storm

Corrected on September 27, 2004

The audio of this feature should have made clear that Jeanne was a tropical storm when it struck Haiti.